Revolution KAOS


RevolutionKAOS Manifesto

Article 1: A Call for Liberation We hereby declare our commitment to freedom, autonomy, and equality.

Article 2: Rejection of Hierarchies We reject all forms of hierarchical authority, be it government, corporations, or any oppressive system that seeks to control us.

Article 3: Direct Action We believe in direct action as a means to enact change. We will not wait for permission from oppressive authorities to make a difference.

Article 4: Solidarity We stand in solidarity with marginalized communities, recognizing that their struggles are intertwined with our own.

Article 5: Autonomous Communities We advocate for the creation of autonomous, self-governing communities that can meet their own needs without reliance on oppressive systems.

Article 6: Environmental Sustainability We demand the protection of the environment and the end to the exploitation of our planet for profit.

Article 7: Education for All Access to quality education must be a universal right, not a privilege for the wealthy.

Article 8: Workers' Rights We support the rights of workers to fair wages, safe conditions, and the right to organize.

Article 9: Gender Equality We stand against sexism and gender discrimination, advocating for full gender equality.

Article 10: Racial Justice We demand an end to racial discrimination and the dismantling of racist institutions.

Article 11: Gay Rights We support the rights and dignity of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, advocating for their full inclusion in society.

Article 12: Police Abolition We call for the abolition of oppressive policing and the creation of alternative community-based safety measures.

Article 13: Anti-Imperialism We oppose U.S. imperialism and its destructive impact on other nations.

Article 14: Healthcare for All Access to healthcare is a human right, and we demand universal healthcare for all.

Article 15: Housing Justice We call for an end to homelessness and affordable, dignified housing for everyone.

Article 16: Food Security Access to nutritious food is a basic human need, and we demand an end to food insecurity.

Article 17: Anti-Capitalism We reject capitalism as a system that perpetuates inequality and exploitation.

Article 18: Legalization of Marijuana We advocate for the immediate legalization of marijuana, recognizing that prohibition disproportionately harms marginalized communities and fuels the prison-industrial complex.

Article 19: Mandatory Service In pursuit of a kinder, more connected world, we support the concept of a mandatory year of service for all citizens.

Article 20: A Vision for the Future In a world free from oppressive systems, we envision a society where individuals are free to pursue their passions, live in harmony with the Earth, and cooperate in building a just and equitable world for all.