Revolution KAOS

Meet the Founders

Mac Laslow

Co-Founder KAOS
College Organizer, Golden Key Recipient

Undefeated US College Debate Champion and co-author of the oft-cited series of 3-part essay on “The Cancerous Wealth Influence Cycle in Local Northeastern Politics”, Laslow is best known for delivering an impromptu two-hour speech for 2,000 protestors on Library Mall in UW-Madison in May, 2001.

Elliot Friedman

Co-Founder KAOS
College Organizer, Phi Beta Kappa

A member of the GW5, Friedman famously presented his distinguished dissertation, “Laws for the People, by the People” orally over 26 consecutive hours on the floor of the student union, garnering national media attention. Friedman is currently in his third year at Harvard Law, and a proud member of the Harvard Law School Urbanists and the Harvard Law School Antitrust Association.

Mea Mendez

Co-Founder KAOS
Founder KAOS World Summit
College organizer, Phi Beta Kappa

Co-Founder of the GW5 and Women World Government, Mendez is recognized as one of the most influential college organizers of her generation. Mendez most notably led the hunger strike to remove arcane language from the Student Constitution in an effort to eliminate gender-based borders on campus. Mendez is currently a clerk on the US Court of Appeals.

Alex Walker III

Financier, Wealth Management

Grandson of the midwest steel magnate Alexander Walker. In an attempt to defy the adage, “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations”, Walker III has rolled up his own, devoting himself and his trust fund to supporting a number of startups and small business ventures. Walker III has maintained a robust second-hand beeper business and has recently entered into the flavored tobacco space. Walker III’s participation in KAOS came following his invitation by MacKenzie Laslow, a friend from boarding school. He is currently serving as treasurer. Alex Walker III, we are grateful for your tireless support of the movement. You are a true patron of the Revolution KAOS.

Alistair McCormick

Host and Associate Manager of the KAOS World Summit

The McCormick Farm, featuring a 19th century converted barn designated an historical landmark, was generously offered up by Alistair McCormick to host the summit while his parents are summering in Switzerland. We salute you Alistair McCormick, for your service and your generosity of spirit!

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Ramon Benes

Ramon Benes is no longer associated with KAOS.